Managing & Editing Subscriptions

Easily manage & edit your customers' subscriptions.

This article discusses the ways you can manage your recurring subscriptions in SamCart. Read below to find out exactly how to view, edit, or cancel your subscriptions inside of SamCart.

Find Your Subscriptions Tab

  1. Click on the Sales tab in the navigation bar.
  2. Select Subscriptions.

Search Your Subscriptions

You can easily filter and search through all your subscriptions using the bar pictured below.

  • Use the Search Bar to find subscriptions based on the customer’s name, email address, or Subscription ID Number.
  • Use the Date Picker to find subscriptions that began at a certain time.

After you’re done picking your specifics, click Search to search for subscriptions that match your search parameters.

Managing Subscriptions

Click on any subscription to launch a pop-up window. Inside of that pop-up window, you can see and edit subscriptions settings such as…

  • When the subscription was started, and the next date the customer is scheduled to be billed.
  • The unique Subscription ID.
  • Previous payments (and refund them if you would like).
  • Update the customer’s credit card manually from right inside SamCart.
  • Send a Card Update Email to the customer that will allow them to enter in new credit card details on their own.
  • Cancel the subscription and stop all future payments.
  • Restart the subscription anytime (after you cancel it first, of course).

Change Next Billing Date

Note: this article contains videos that utilize a previous navigation bar design. Most functions have remained unchanged, but you can always reference this guide which covers the update and differences.

Limited vs. Recurring Subscriptions

When creating a subscription-based product you can create either a Limited Subscription or a Recurring Subscription. 

A limited subscription is a subscription that has a set amount of payments. Once the specific number of subscription payments are made, the subscription will no longer attempt to bill the customer. Limited subscription is the option to use if you are creating a payment plan. 

A recurring subscription is a subscription that has an unlimited number of payments. A recurring subscription has an ongoing payment for a product/service that does not stop billing after a specific number of charges. 

Silent Cancellations (Only Available On Grow/Scale Plans)

When you click the Cancel Subscription button without checking the "Silent Cancellation?" box, SamCart will automatically trigger any "On Subscription Cancel" integration events, Zapier events, SamCart emails, or Notification URL events you have connected to the associated product. 

Checking the "Silent Cancellation?" box allows you to cancel the customer's subscription without revoking access to your Products. 

This comes in handy when you have a customer who would like to pay the remaining balance on a Payment Plan or Subscription. Just send them an invoice in Stripe or PayPal then Silent Cancel their Subscription in SamCart once they're paid up!

Scheduled Cancellations (Only Available On Grow/Scale Plans) 

Click here for our article on Scheduled Cancellations.

Payoff Limited Subscriptions (Only Available On Grow/Scale Plans)

Click here for our article on Payoff Limited Subscriptions. 

Subscription Terms

Status: Active 

Active subscriptions are up to date on all charges, and still have charges left to be run before the subscription is completed. 

Status: In Recovery

When a recurring charge fails, the subscriptions enters Subscription Saver and is considered "In Recovery". Check out the Subscription Saver article to learn more about how SamCart is working around the clock to recover your failed subscription charges.

Status: Delinquent 

Delinquent subscriptions have experienced 4 failed attempts to charge in a row and SamCart will no longer attempt to bill the customer. Delinquent customers are essentially cancelled. 

Delinquent customers are automatically re-activated and charged if they successfully update their credit card.

Status: Cancelled 

Cancelled subscriptions have been stopped manually by an admin on your account, and will no longer attempt to bill the customer. 

Status: Completed

Completed subscriptions have successfully charged the number of subscription payments specified by the product settings, and will no longer attempt to bill the customer. 

Next Billing Date

The next date this customer will be charged for this subscription. 

Export Subscriptions

You can export your subscription by clicking on the Export CSV File button at the bottom right of the Subscriptions table.

In the pop-up window, choose a File Name, choose an Email Address to receive the export, and pick your Export Time Range.

The Export Time Range chooses which orders are included in your export. There are two options:

  • All Time: Export every subscription in the history of your account.
  • From Page: Only export subscriptions from the date range you selected.

Whenever you're ready, click on Export. SamCart will process the export into a CSV file, and send an email to the address you chose when the file is ready to download.

Open your export and have all your subscription data right at your fingertips. 

You will have the full subscription information available: start date, number of successful charges, subscription status, referring affiliate, full customer information, and more.

Failed Charges and Delinquent Customers (Only Available On Scale Plans)

Whenever a subscription payment is declined, SamCart Subscription Saver will automatically begin to recover the at-risk subscription. 

The process involves re-attempting the charge 4 additional times over the course of 17 days.

Those 4 additional attempts will happen according to the following schedule:

  • Day 1: Charge Attempt #1
  • Day 3: Charge Attempt #2
  • Day 5: Charge Attempt #3
  • Day 7: Charge Attempt #4

Each time a payment fails, your customers receive an email message informing them of the failed payment and providing a link where they can securely update their credit card information on file.

Just another way that SamCart is built to save you money.

If the payment still is not successfully charged after this process, the subscription will be set to “Cancelled”, and SamCart will make no more attempts to collect the payment.

Learn more about this process inside of the Subscription Saver & Dunning article

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