Add To Order

Make it easy for customers to buy more by using their card already on file.

Do you want to quickly add more products and services to your customer’s orders, without requiring them to fill out a long checkout page again?

Then you will love SamCart’s Add To Order feature.

After a customer places an order, you can manually charge additional products to that order from inside of your SamCart account.

To add a product to an existing order, follow these quick steps:

  • Navigate to Sales > Orders
  • Select the specific order you wish to add another product to
  • Click on the “Add To Order” button

  • Select the product(s) you want to add to this order and click Add. You can also search for a product by name or ID.
  • Once you add a product, you will see a summary of the products being added at the bottom of the modal. If the added product has enabled Quantity, you will have the option to adjust quantity here. 
  • When you are ready, click “Charge." 

After this is done, SamCart will immediately run the charge for this new product, using the credit card or PayPal account on file for this order. Any integration rules connected to the added product(s) will fire as well. 

Of course, it goes without saying, you should always have your customer’s consent before running any additional charges on their order.

Taxes, Shipping, and Bundled Products 

If the main product on the order has taxes enabled, taxes will show in the Add to Order Summary table at the bottom of the modal for all additional products added to the cart. 

Similarly, when a physical product is added to an order, and that product has shipping charges allocated, shipping charges will show in the Add to Order Summary table at the bottom of the modal.

If a product added to an order includes Bundled Products, the Add to Order Summary table will display each of the bundled products. You can then adjust the quantity for the bundled products if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my customer receive an email when I use Add To Order?

A: Yes! An automated email will be sent to your customer when using Add To Order. If you need to resend an updated receipt manually for any reason, you can also use the Resend Receipt feature.

Q: Can I sell subscriptions with the Add To Order button?

A: Absolutely. Use the “Add To Order” feature to quickly add subscriptions, payment plans, one-time products, digital products, and even physical products.

You can sell any type of SamCart product using this feature.

Q: Does this work with PayPal orders?

A: Yes it does! If you have Reference Transactions enabled on your PayPal integration, you can manually charge additional products to an order that is placed with PayPal.

Just another reason to love SamCart's one of a kind PayPal integration.

Q: How can I apply a discount when adding products to an order?

A: You can apply an existing coupon when adding products to an order by entering in the existing coupon code in the Coupon Code field!

You will want to make sure that the coupon code you are adding is accepted by the product. For more information on coupons you can visit our Coupon support article here. 

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