Accept credit card payments by quickly integrating with SamPay: SamCart’s new default payment processor!

Through SamPay, you will be able to gain access to all of SamCart’s upcoming financial products and features.

Follow the steps below to connect with SamPay and start accepting live credit card payments on your SamCart checkout pages.

Connect to SamPay With Your SamCart Account

When setting up a new SamCart account, you will be prompted to connect a payment processor with which you can begin accepting payments right away. Select SamPay:

Once selected, you will be prompted to begin the setup process. Please take a moment to provide some information about your business.

Within your marketplace settings, SamPay will appear as the active processor for new users who selected it during account creation and for existing Stripe users who have migrated to SamPay:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are existing customers required to move to SamPay or can they maintain their current Stripe integration?

A: Migrating from Stripe to SamPay will not be required! However, we do recommend updating to SamPay in order to gain access to all of SamCart’s upcoming financial product and feature releases. 

Q: Will customers lose historic Stripe data by migrating from Stripe to SamPay?

A: No! Existing Stripe customers will notice no differences when migrating to SamPay. 

Q: What are the limitations to where SamPay can be used?

A: SamPay will have the same parameters as Stripe - location restrictions can be checked at 

Q: Will processing fees be the same for marketplace owners as they are on Stripe?

A: Yes! Processing fees will be the same as they currently are on Stripe. 

For detailed information about managing your Stripe account, please see our separate knowledge base article on Stripe!

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