Payoff Limited Subscriptions

Allow your customers to pay off their limited subscriptions early with SamCart’s Payoff Subscription feature.

Have you ever needed to charge a customer’s remaining balance all at once? Or maybe a customer wants to pay their remaining subscription fees early. SamCart’s Payoff Subscription feature allows you to do just that!

This feature works on all SamCart-managed limited subscriptions. Please note that limited subscriptions created with before April 2020 will not be available for payoff. 

Let's see how its done…

Payoff a Limited Subscription

A limited subscription is a recurring payment with an end date. A typical use case for limited subscriptions are payment plans - for example, 6 monthly payments of $100. 

To pay off a subscription, start by clicking on Subscriptions under the Sales tab in the navigation bar.

Scroll down to the Limited Subscriptions table. Here you can search (1) for the subscription by Subscription ID, customer name, or customer email. 

Once you locate the subscription, click on the Subscription ID (2)

Next, click Payoff Subscription:

In the popup that appears, you will see the Payoff Amount (the $ amount left on the subscription) and the last four digits of the customer's credit card. 

There is an option to Discount Payoff (1). Using this toggle allows you to enter either a Percentage Discount (2) or Fixed Amount (3) discount that you would like to apply to the Payoff Amount.

When applying a discount, you will notice that the Payoff Amount will automatically change, reflecting the new total! 

Click Payoff Subscription and you're done!

After the subscription is paid off, the Subscription Status will be marked Completed (1). You will be able to provide a full or partial refund (2) for the amount that was paid off, as well as for any previous charges on the subscription.

Your customer will receive an email receipt notifying them that their subscription has been paid off. 

SamCart Keeps Reporting In Order

After you payoff a customer’s subscription, the # of Rebills, amount Collected, and Balance will all update in your Limited Subscriptions table. This allows you to quickly identify exactly which orders have been paid off, and trust that your stats are always up-to-date!

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