One-Click Checkout Powered by Stripe Link

One-Click Checkout maximizes your conversion with a seamless checkout experience.

Automatically enabled for all SamPay and Stripe users on current subscription plans, Stripe Link allows your customers to save their checkout information. This means that the next time they check out, their info will autofill and purchasing will be a click away using only a one-time authentication code sent to their mobile device.

Especially when paired with SamCart's Checkout Anywhere feature, this provides one of the fastest checkout experiences possible.

Why Is This Helpful?

Making checkout as quick as possible decreases cart abandonment and increases conversions.

According to Stripe's State of Checkouts 2022:

“In North America, only 40% of sites support one-click checkout, though 75% of consumers are more likely to complete a purchase if it is offered.”
“The average checkout takes more than three minutes, yet 60% of shoppers say they’ll abandon a checkout that requires more than two.”

Reducing friction is perhaps the most important thing a checkout page can do. Previously, you may have implemented other strategies to this end such as enabling Digital Wallets and removing as many fields as possible from your checkout forms. Link’s One-Click Checkout is a major leap forward in this regard.

Enabling One-Click Checkout

This feature is enabled automatically for all SamPay and Stripe users on current subscription plans! You are not required to turn anything on. 

This will not change your workflow when creating checkout pages, and One-Click Checkout will be automatically enabled no matter which checkout design you choose.

Customers checking out using Link for the first time will be able to add their payment and shipping information and agree to the terms and conditions to save this info for future use.

On all subsequent checkouts with any merchant that has Link enabled, the customer will be able to select Link as their payment method, enter a one-time passcode sent to their mobile device, and have all of their payment information populated within the checkout form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this feature be disabled?

A: For SamPay users, this feature can be disabled in a product's Payments tab by toggling off the Allow Alternate Payment Methods setting.

This toggle controls whether a specific product allows for checkout using Link as well as other alternative payment methods we release in the future, e.g. Buy Now, Pay Later.

For non-SamPay Stripe users, this can be disabled in your Stripe Dashboard > Settings > Payment Methods > Disable Link.

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