Subscription Self-Cancellation

Cut time out of your daily customer service routine by allowing your customers to manage their own subscriptions.

Automating tasks like subscription management is critical to winning back hours of your day. 

SamCart's Subscription Self-Cancellation feature allows your customers to cancel their own subscriptions directly from their Subscription Charge Receipts, freeing you up to focus on substantive conversations with your customers! 

Enable Self-Cancellations

Enable Self-Cancellations by clicking over to your Marketplace Settings and then locating the Emails tab at the top of the screen.

Once you're in your Email settings, switch the Enable Subscription Charge Receipts toggle to ON and the Enable Self-Cancelation Link toggle to ON.

After these are enabled, you're all set! 

How Customers Cancel Their Subscriptions

Once these features are enabled, each Subscription Charge Receipt your customers receive will contain a button labeled Manage Your Subscription.

Click on that button, and a Subscription Summary page will open up where customers can view details about their subscription. That page contains a Cancel button.

Clicking Cancel will send a verification email to the customer. That email contains another button, where customers can click to verify they own that email address.

Once the customer verifies their email address, the customer is taken to a SamCart cancellation page in their browser, shown below. They will be prompted to confirm that they'd like to cancel their subscription one last time.

After they're cancelled, the customer is taken back to the Subscription Summary page which will now showi the subscription has been cancelled.

And that's it! 

As painful as it is to lose a customer, it's often not worth the time manually trying to save each customer who decides to cancel a subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I enable the self-cancellation button on the original order receipt?

A: While Self-Cancellations is in Beta, the button is tied to the Recurring Charge Receipt, so your customers won't be able to self-cancel until they've been charged for their first recurring payment. 

Q: Can customers upgrade/downgrade/change their credit card through this feature?

A: Not yet, but that functionality is absolutely something we're looking to include down the road!

Q: Can I edit the self-cancellation page? 

A: The page will automatically pull in the subscription receipt email's body text. You can edit said text in your Marketplace's Email Settings. It will also use use your Marketplace Logo and Support Contact.

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