Archiving Products

Are old or inactive Products clogging up your Dashboard? Hide them with SamCart's Archive Product feature!

If unused and inactive Products are taking up too much space in your Dashboard, SamCart's Archive Product feature can make your Products page significantly easier to navigate. 

Archiving allows you to hide unused products in your Product List. It will also effectively "close" your Product Page by automatically redirecting visitors to the destination of your choosing. Here's how it works: 

Archiving a Product

To Archive a Product, head to the Product's Advanced Settings tab. 

Scroll down to the CLOSE CHECKOUT PAGE (1) options and switch the Archive Product (2) toggle to YES

Save Your Changes and the Product is archived! 

Archive Redirects 

Once a Product is Archived, anyone who tries to visit the page will be automatically redirected. You can redirect visitors to the destination of your choosing via the Checkout Page Redirect field directly above the Archive Product toggle:

If you leave this blank, anyone who tries to access the Archived Product Page will be delivered a standard "Error" page that includes your Marketplace Logo: 

Viewing Archived Products in Your Dashboard

Archived products will, by default, be hidden from your Product List. If you ever want to view your archived products in your Product List, simply enable the Archived status in the Product Status dropdown:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I archive a product with active subscriptions, will the subscriptions still run?

A: Yes - subscription charges are processed via Stripe and PayPal. If you archive a product, rest assured subscriptions will not be cancelled or deleted.

Q: If I archive a product, will previous orders and subscriptions for that product still show in reports?

A: Yes - archiving a product does not affect reporting.

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