Create Your First Product

Everything in SamCart starts by creating a product. Follow this guide to create your first (or next!) product, so you can start selling immediately. 

This tutorial will help you create a product that charges your customer a "one time" fee. If you would like to create other billing types, click the option below to head to a walkthrough for a different product type...

Creating Your First Product

To create your first product, click the Products button in your left-hand sidebar. 

Then click the + New Product button in the top right corner of your screen:

In the slide-out window, enter the details of your product:

  • Product Name (1): The public-facing name of your product that will display during checkout, on the rrder summary page, order receipts, etc.
  • Product Description (2): A tweet-length description of what you're selling (optional).
  • Pricing Type (3): Select whether this product is a one-time payment, a recurring subscription, a limited subscription, or a "pay what you want" product. More details below.
  • Product Price (4): The price your customers will be charged upon purchasing your Product.

When you're finished, click Create Product (5):

Product Details

After your Product is created, you'll be immediately taken to the Product Details page. Here, you'll be able to edit the basic details of your new product. Let's briefly touch on some of the important settings you'll find here:

  • Product Image: A visual that shows what your product is or does. Product Images are used in a number of different places like receipts, order summary pages, and more.
  • Order Redirect: This is either the URL you'd like to refer your customers to after they purchase this Product, or - if you do not redirect them - the place to include a custom message in the Order Summary page. You can read more about this setting here.
  • Type: This setting relates to how your Product is delivered to your customers. All non-physical Products that don't require physically shipping something should be set to Digital/Service. If you select Digital/Service, you can then upload a file to your Product for delivery to your new customers via the Order Receipt Email/Order Summary Page. You can learn more about delivering digital files here. If you set your Product to Physical, you can then set Shipping & Handling charges. 

Checkout Design

Once you're satisfied with everything here, head to your new Product's Checkout Design tab: 

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