Track UTM Parameters

Collect UTM tracking parameters on your SamCart checkout pages to pinpoint exactly where your sales are coming from.

Every SamCart checkout page can collect UTM Parameters, allowing you to attribute your sales to the correct channel and understand exactly where your customers are coming from. 

SamCart can collect and store Medium, Source, Campaign, and Content parameters. This information is stored with each order, and can be found by looking at an individual order or exporting your orders. 

You can create custom UTM Parameters, and even allow Affiliates to add UTM Parameters to their Affiliate Links to track which emails, ad campaigns, and more are actually bringing in sales.

Set Up Your Marketing Settings

First thing you need to do is navigate to your Marketplace Settings (at the top right of your dashboard). 

Under the General tab, find the Marketing Analytics section. In the boxes provided, type in the UTM Parameters you will use for Medium, Source, Campaign, and/or Content.

Generally, we recommend typing in “utm_source” in the utm_source field so that way it will capture the equivalent value in the URL. Similarly, for the Medium, Campaign, and Content URL Parameter fields, we recommend typing "utm_medium", "utm_campaign",  and "utm_content" respectively.

So as an example, the following URL would capture "email" for UTM Medium and "welcome" for UTM Content:

Additionally, you can enter you own custom URL parameters and track those as well by creating custom parameters in the General tab.

Once you have created your custom parameters in the General settings in the Track Custom Parameters section, you can type in your own custom URL parameters in the Marketing Analytics section. 

Make sure to click Save Changes at the top of the page to save your work! 

Track Your UTM Parameters

Once your changes are saved, any URL Parameters that match your settings from Step #1 present in the URL when an order is placed will be captured by SamCart. You can view this UTM Parameter data in three separate locations. 

Order Details

To see what UTM Parameters an order may have collected, click on the Orders tab.

Click on any order to open the order popup modal. Then click on the View Full button to open up a page with more detailed information about that order.

The full order details page will display any UTM Parameters that were collected when this order was placed.


A number of SamCart's Integrations (including Zapier and the SamCart webhook) have UTM Parameter information included, so you can take the UTM Parameter information recorded for each order and pass them along to your other marketing tools.

Order Export

UTM Parameters are also included with any export from the Orders page

You can export the raw data and run your own analysis on which channels are generating the most sales for you. 

The Traffic Report

The SamCart Traffic Report can also tell you exactly how many orders, and how much revenue, are coming from each of your different UTM Parameters. 

You can use the date picker to look at this data for a specific period of time. Use the dropdown menu to toggle between the different parameters for source, content, etc. 

Affiliate Links

You and your Affiliates can add UTM Parameters to your Samcart Affiliate Links. Any UTM Parameters will be passed through to the affiliate link's destination URL. 

If those UTM Parameters are present when the order is placed, SamCart will record your parameters and store them with the order. Your affiliates can use this information to attribute their sales back to specific emails, social media posts, advertising campaigns, and more. 

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