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Important Note:

A common frustration in creating presentations is finding, formatting, and sizing media so that it looks beautiful together on a slide. The process can be tedious and time-consuming. 

However, Typeset will automatically adapt the design to the media that you add. This means less time spent fidgeting with sizing and alignments.



Adding Images to Your Slides Using the Magic Wand

Typeset has a clever way of helping you find beautiful imagery for your slides from stock libraries automatically, or using the image or picture keywords. This is perhaps the fastest way to bring up relevant images and insert them into your slide.

Simply type "image" or "picture" on a new line and hit Enter. This will bring up the image selector and populate the window with images related to the content on your slide. Select as many as you'd like.


Hint: You can get suggested image and layout combinations for your slide by opening the drawer below your slide (click the Magic Wand to the left of your slide in the editor).

Adding Stock Images

You have the option to grab stock images from: Unsplash and Gettyimages that can be added to your documents.

*Note: these images are royalty-free and can be distributed in your documents.

To add images, type /image and hit Enter.


Typeset will then analyze the words on your slide and automatically search for suitable imagery from a large catalog of public images you can safely use in your presentation. 


You can also use your own keywords to search for pictures that match your content.


In the search results, select up to 10 pictures at a time.


Once selected and added, Typeset will automatically apply a suitable layout to accommodate all of them and offer some variations. If you'd like to swap where the images appear on the slide, simply drag and drop and Typeset will swap the places of the images.

Switch Stock Images

You can switch from using Unsplash to gettyimages and vice-versa. Simply click the tab of the desired stock library to change the selection.

Adding Your Images

There are several different ways to add your own images:

  • Drag and drop

  • Copy and paste 

  • Paste in a URL

  • Use the Insert media button in the toolbar

Hint: You can start with stock images and replace them with your own at any time. Just click the replace button next to images and upload your own via the search view.


Drag and Drop

You can upload images by dragging them to the place you want in the editor or the slide preview window.

Drop one or multiple images. If you drop multiple images into the preview window, you'll see two options appear in light grey. The option on the left will create a single slide containing all the images you've dropped, and the option on the right will create a new slide for each image.

If you drop an image onto a slide that already has images, you'll see several options as well. First, dropping your new image directly over an existing image will replace it. Dropping the new image into white space on the slide or onto the circular image and plus icon that appears in the bottom center of the slide will add your new image to the slide.

Typeset will then rearrange the images to the optimized layout.

Drag in as many images as you want, and Typeset will adjust the layout to the best fit!


Typeset automatically places the images on the slide and tries to fit them appropriately. However, if you need to change how the image is displayed or cropped, then check out this article

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