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Streamlined checkout for enhanced speed and performance.

With SamCart, you can deploy your checkout anywhere you need it. SamCart provides multiple checkout experiences that allow you to sell your offers however you would like. Looking for a quick checkout page? Use the lightning-fast Express for that. Want to embed SamCart's ecommerce right on your sales page? Use the lightweight Embed for that. 

Here is a list of the current checkout experiences you can choose from. Click the links to get a full walkthrough on that specific experience.

- Express

- Slide-Out

- Embed

- Sales Pages

Because these experiences are powered by SamCart, they also come with powerful tools to boost your conversions and capture more revenue from each order. Features like "one-click" Apple Pay, stored credit cards with Stripe Link, and even "Buy Now, Pay Later" options.

Accessing Checkout Anywhere

To deploy your first checkout visit your Products tab, click on any product, and navigate to the Checkout Anywhere tab.

This is where you will find your options for deploying SamCart's different Checkout Experiences. Each experience serves a unique purpose. 


Here, you'll see two display options: Embed and Express.

Embed lets you add SamCart’s powerful checkout to your existing pages. It provides an embedded checkout that can be added to your existing website, landing page, or members area by pasting a simple code snippet.

Select Embed and then Copy Embed Code to grab the code. Then, go to where your site is hosted and paste the code as “custom code” or “html” on the page where you want the checkout to appear. The details of this will depend on what website creation tool you use.

You can embed the checkout onto a single page multiple times. When you copy the code in, it will look something like this:

<script defer=“defer” src=“”></script>
 <sc-checkout product=“product” subdomain=“marketplace”></sc-checkout>

Leave this intact the first time you embed it, but for all subsequent embeds on the same page, remove the entire <script> line bolded above. If you don't, the checkouts won't resize and will probably have some awkward scrolling.

Qualifying Products

Every product in your account has a corresponding Checkout Anywhere page as long as it meets these criteria:

  • The product is not using “Pay What You Want” pricing
  • You’re using Stripe or SamPay as your processor

We’re hard at work continuing to expand our use cases. If you’re unable to use Checkout Anywhere and aren't sure why, please shoot us a message at and we may be able to provide more information on features coming soon.

Supported Features

Not all features are supported yet, but most are on the way! Features that currently work with Checkout Anywhere include:

  • 3D Secure / Strong Customer Authentication 
  • Affiliate Tracking (Checkout Anywhere Express only)
  • Apple Pay 
  • Auto Apply Coupons
  • Buy Now, Pay Later (SamPay)
  • Payment Options
  • Currencies displayed in locally recommended format
  • Digital file delivery
  • Google Analytics 4 integration
  • PayPal 
    • Note: PayPal will not appear for physical products using Checkout Anywhere 
  • Google Pay
  • Integrations
  • One-Click Checkouts (SamPay)
  • One-Time pricing model
  • Order Bumps
  • Phone Number field (improved)
  • Post-purchase emails
  • Refunds
  • Terms and Conditions Enablement
  • Scripts and Pixel tracking
  • Subscription pricing model
  • Upsells
  • Coupons
  • Powered By Badge
  • Pre-Applied Coupons
  • Cart Abandonment Reporting (found in Cart Abandonment app)
  • Custom Fields
    • Note: As of now, "1-Click" Digital Wallets will not work on Checkout Anywhere when custom fields are used. However, Digital Wallets can still be used on Checkout Express as long as all of the custom fields are filled out by your users!
  • Apple Pay
    • Note: In order for Apple Pay to be available when using Embed, the platforming your embedding on offers Apple Pay, or you have access to your .well-known directory. Additionally, Apple Pay will only appear when using Embed on Safari 17+. If you have additional questions on if Apple Pay can work for you, please reach out to

We're hard at work bringing more features to Checkout Anywhere. If a feature or setting on one of your products isn't applying to your Checkout Anywhere page and you aren't sure why, please shoot us a message at and we may be able to provide more information on features coming soon.

Customization and Feature Configuration

Good news: nothing changes! All of the same settings you have for your product will apply to its Checkout Anywhere pages, including whether it is in Live or Test Mode.

Product Image

On a standard SamCart sales page, the Product Image is mainly useful for internal marketplace organization. With Checkout Anywhere, however, the Product Image will be featured on the page and greatly improves the appearance, so we highly suggest adding one. We recommend this image be a square (1:1) ratio.

The Product Image setting is found under the Product Details tab.

Once saved, the Product Image will appear on Checkout Anywhere pages!

Marketplace Logo

Similar to the Product Image, your Marketplace Logo will appear at the top of a Checkout Anywhere page to add to the page's appearance. This setting can be found in your General Marketplace Settings. Upload to the Light Logo setting.

If you don't have a Logo added to your marketplace, the Marketplace Name will simply be included instead.

Phone Number

We've made a few exciting improvements to the Phone Number checkout field when used with Checkout Anywhere: 

  • Country code dropdown. This allows the customer to easily select their country, which automatically determines the country code being used and better allows you to potentially contact them (e.g the +1 for US numbers.) This is stored in SamCart and also informs the next two items.
  • Number verification. Once the phone number has been added, we'll automatically verify that it is a possible number.
  • Automatic formatting. An example placeholder (see the image above) starts off in the field showing the format that is going to be used. This varies quite a bit between countries. As the customer types their number, it will automatically be formatted to fit so that they don't have to bother with special characters or spaces.

To make sure the Phone Number field is enabled for a product, click into the product and then click Design to enter the product's content builder.

Here, go to Settings > Checkout Form and make sure Phone Number is checked. As always, don't forget to Publish changes.

The Phone Number field will now appear when using Checkout Anywhere.

Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets provide useful options for customers when purchasing from a sales page, but they've been enhanced for use with Checkout Anywhere. 

When a customer uses Apple Pay or Google Pay to purchase on a Checkout Anywhere page, the processor will autofill their information, allowing for single-click checkout in seconds, something previously only possible when using Stripe Link

To enable Digital Wallets use with Checkout Anywhere, go to Marketplace Settings > Processors and toggle Enable Digital Wallets to ON.

Important Note: Even if you already have Digital Wallets enabled, please disable and re-enable Digital Wallets in the Processors tab. New Apple Pay security mandates require that we re-register your account with Apple in order to enable Apple Pay on Checkout Anywhere.

If you receive this error notice stating "Failed to register domain for ApplePay. Please contact support for assistance," one of two things could be happening:

  1. There could be custom domains in your marketplace that cannot be registered with Apple.
  2. There could be issues with your Express Checkout pages - this is unlikely, but in the event that you do see this error, please reach out to our team.

After enabling Digital Wallets on the Processor tab, ensure Digital Wallets are enabled on the Product. Go to Products > Product Settings > Payments. On the Payments tab, enable the Allow Digital Wallets toggle. (The subsequent Use Digital Wallet as Default setting is not applicable for Checkout Anywhere.)

Finally, here's a helpful chart regarding Digital Wallet device/browser compatibility.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) refers to a set of payment methods available exclusively on SamPay that allow your customers to split their purchases into multiple payments.

If your SamPay account allows BNPL payment methods, they will show on both Express and Embed checkout experiences automatically.

One important reminder to keep in mind regarding BNPL is that if a customer checks out using a BNPL processor, they will not be shown any subsequent Upsell pages linked to the product they purchase.

One-Click Checkout

One-Click Checkout Powered by Stripe Link is a powerful tool allowing your customers to save and autofill their checkout information. Combining this tool with an Express Checkout Anywhere page means a sale could be completed in just a few seconds.

If you are eligible to use Stripe Link, make sure it is enabled by going to Products > Payments and ensuring that Allow Alternate Payment Methods and Allow Digital Wallets are both toggled ON.

Now Link will appear as an available payment method within Checkout Anywhere pages.

Scripts and Pixels

Need to track when your customers are viewing your Checkout Anywhere page? Want to record conversions to Facebook, TikTok or Instagram? We've got you covered! Simply include your tracking scripts in your global header and footer containers and we’ll automatically load them onto your Checkout Anywhere experiences.

You have the ability to add these scripts either globally for your entire marketplace, or on the individual product level.

To add tracking scripts on the global level, head down to your General Marketplace Settings and find these three settings:

All tracking script settings implemented here will automatically be applied to your Checkout Anywhere pages.

Tracking scripts can also be added on the individual product level by clicking into a product and navigating to its Advanced Settings tab.

At this time, product-level header and footer scripts are not yet supported. However, the Fire scripts/pixels after an order is completed setting will trigger the scripts added after a customer has purchased.

Google Analytics 4

Checkout Anywhere will send both page view and purchase event information to your Google Analytics account. 

To add the Google Analytics integration to your account, take a look at ourKnowledge Base article. Our new streamlined process makes this easier than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have successfully set up my digital wallets, including Apple Pay, but I am unable to see it as an option on my embedded checkout form.

A: Please make sure that your Safari is up to date! Apple Pay will only show up for devices with Safari 17 (released September, 2023) or newer

Q: Can I offer PayPal as a checkout option when using Checkout Anywhere?

A: Yes, PayPal is now supported on Checkout Anywhere.

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