Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking

You can't manage what you can't measure. Analyze your customer behavior and product performance with Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking.

Enabling Google Analytics eCommerce tracking in SamCart provides you with the necessary data to make informed business decisions and helps you understand what customer behavior leads to purchases.

You can track simple metrics such as clicks and revenue, or deeper behavioral metrics such as time on site, checkout initiation, traffic source, conversions by traffic source,  and bounce rate. 

Follow the steps below to add Google Analytics tracking to your checkout pages and start making more informed decisions.

Enable Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking In Your Marketplace Settings

To accommodate Google’s platform switch from Universal Analytics to GA4, we have updated and streamlined our process for enabling GA in your SamCart marketplace. 

eCommerce conversions happen automatically in Google Analytics 4. You will no longer need to enable eCommerce Tracking to begin tracking your SamCart purchase events.

Scroll down the General Marketplace Settings page until you see the Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking toggle. Switch this to ON.

With this new integration, you will see a single box to simply insert your Google Measurement ID (G-XXXXXXX) and the purchase event code will automatically be added to your checkouts.

Finding Your Google Measurement ID

To find your Measurement ID, go to the Google Analytics Admin. From there, click Data Streams. You’ll likely only have one data stream, but if you have multiple, make sure you select the appropriate one that you want tracking your SamCart purchase events.

After selecting your data stream, a window will open up, showing your Measurement ID that you can copy and paste into your SamCart Marketplace Settings.

Additional purchase data can still be added on your Product pages through their Fire after purchase field.

Optional Step: Adjust Your Thank You Page Settings

If you're using SamCart's Thank You Page, your tracking script will automatically be embedded there if you've followed the steps above.

If you're using your own Thank You Page, SamCart can automatically fire your pixels before the customer is redirected. Just head to your Marketplace Settings and switch the Fire Pixels Before Redirect (Optional) slider to "ON." 

This can cause a slight delay (usually less than a second). If you'd like to stop SamCart from firing your pixels before the redirect, switch the Fire Pixels Before Redirect (Optional) slider to "OFF." 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My conversions aren't tracking. Help!

A: Google Analytics doesn't log conversions immediately. It can take up to 48 hours for conversions to register, though they usually display much faster. If you're seeing "Active Users" on your page but no conversions, you likely just need to wait for them to register.

Q: I'm new to Google Analytics and am feeling overwhelmed. Where can I learn more?

A: Check out our blog on Google Analytics for Beginners:

Q: Do these steps work with Google Tag Manager as well?

A: They do indeed!

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